Pittsburgh Region Free Standing Mini Maps



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Pittsburgh’s five regional parks, Emerald View, Frick, Highland, Schenley, and Riverview, take up approximately 1,972 acres. They are iconic spaces visited by residents and tourists alike. Other green spaces like Allegheny Cemetery, Mellon Park, North Park, and Homewood Cemetery stand up to their natural beauty and tranquility with character all their own.

Product Info

Our free standing mini maps are made by cutting out and finishing a single piece of wood with a cherry or maple finish. They come with a small black stand so that they can be easily displayed anywhere.

Note and fun fact: The Pittsburgh map is mounted to clear acrylic to facilitate the “island” of Mount Oliver which is a borough completely surrounded within the Pittsburgh city limits.

Because these maps are handmade out of wood, the grain pattern will vary from one map to another.

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