Jessica Wang-Strykowski
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"I couldn't be happier with the topographical map I purchased for my husband--highly recommend one if you're looking for a five-year wedding anniversary gift (wood). It's clear that a lot of care went into the piece itself, its framing and packaging for shipment. Thank you so much!"​

hand crafted

At Squirrel Hill, we create each map by hand and are dedicated craftspeople. We view each map as a precious artifact to celebrate the location it represents.


Our founder, Erin, is a multi-disciplinary artist and third generation map maker. She translates data from several sources into sleek artistic renditions to embody the essence of the terrain.

small business

We are a family run operation who are committed to an excellent customer experience. We appreciate your business and encourage shopping small to support artists and craftspeople.

custom maps

get a map of your neck of the woods

Alexa Cunningham
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"Their products made great gifts AND teaching aids!! They made a custom mini mountain for me to gift my boyfriend last year for Christmas. He was thrilled to have a mini mountain of his favorite hike in Colorado! This week I had been teaching contour lines and topographic maps in my classroom I was able to use the mini mountain as a teaching aid! Students were able to hold the mountain in the palm of their hand and truly get a deeper understanding on topographical maps and the use of contour lines! Highly recommend!!"